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Friday, March 31, 2006

We're all sick here. I feel like.... you know what! I'm really hoping that I will wake up feeling better, but somehow I doubt that. I really need to though. I have a lot of cleaning to do. They're coming to replace all the doors in the house either tomorrow, or saturday. Which means savannah's birthday party will have to be next wk. I think she'll be a little upset, but hopefully she'll get over it.

I'm still not sure about the theme. I don't think she's made up her mind yet. She's such a stubborn little thing. I remember her 2nd birthday she was so happy to have a carebear birthday. Then her 3rd was at funtastiks and that was enough for her! Now she wants all these things. She is going to be 4 yrs old. Has it really been that long? She used to be my baby. Now it's marcus... :( Next thing you know she'll be starting school.

It's 4AM!!!!!!! I really need to get in bed. 7:30 is going to come quick. I think I need some sleeping pills LOL.

Ok, new kit! I Wasn't sure about this one. I'll have to see some layouts with it. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Our vacation was great, but short! I wish we could have spent more time there :(
It was nice to see Blanca again! The baby is adorable. I can't believe how much the kids have grown.

Sea World in San Antonio is MUCH different from the one in San Diego. I prefer the real one LMAO! It was nice though. Our whole family got in for free because we're military. They were doing salute the hero's or something like that. They even did a little speech during the shamu show. It was really sweet!

I can't wait till we take another vacation in the summer. We're going to California this time LOL!

I'll show you some pics. I was able to touch a dolphin, that was pretty neat. They didn't really want too much attention, just the fish! LOL It was only $4 for a tray of 4 fish. That actually isn't bad! I didn't feed them though, just took pictures. Didn't really want to touch fish haha.

In a way it was great that the shamu tank was covered, but for pics.... it kind of sucks! Not too much available light, but that's ok!

We also did the River walk. That was such a pretty place! The kids all had a great time. We ended up eating at the Hard Rock Cafe. They have some good burgers!!

Here are some pics of all the kids. The baby's are missing. (Blanca's little guy and mine)
Trinity and Savanna held hands the whole time, both days! IT was too cute.
Blanca is the one in the white shirt.

Here are some pics of the boys in the car on the way home. Savannah was passed out!

It was a great vacation and I can't wait to have another one!!!!!!! Now back to making kits! LOLOL

Thursday, March 23, 2006


I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow night. We are going to Sea World in San Antonio, Texas. We went to the one in San Diego 2 yrs ago. The kids LOVED it! I'm also going to be spending this vacation with my best friend. I haven't seen her in 2 yrs. We met over 6 yrs ago when I had moved to NM with my new husband. He was in the military and we were both stationed there. Her husband and mine had the same job.

We all became close very quickly. None of us had family around, WE were family. I had my first baby and she had her 3rd. We were pregnant together and it was nice to have someone to share all those things with.

Last time I saw them was the christmas 2 yrs ago. They came down to visit for a wk. Since then we've both added babies to our family. It will be so nice to squeeze her and the kids. I think I'm gonna cry when I see her!! ROFL

When I get back from my vacation I'll put that freebie up for you!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Some pics of the kids from today

So my little one has been a very messy boy today! LOL
First it was pizza at lunch and then it was yogurt at snack time!

Yep, that's right... I bathe my kids in yogurt!

Monday, March 20, 2006

almost forgot!

This is what my little munchkin loves doing now! LOL
These lights are a little higer up than normal, so he uses the stool. Savannah broke her arm on this stool, so it's a little scary LOL.

The munchkin

Here are a few pics of my little man, Marcus! We had to play peek a boo. He just does NOT sit still for pictures LOL

Tada haha

Here's the final preview for the frog kit.

Rebecca thought it would be fun to do a scavenger hunt for it. I'm letting her figure all of that out haha! I'll be back later with your first clue? something like that.


I've been trying to finish up some kits, the freebie and get ready for vacation. Tonight I will finally have directions on how to find the froggy kit and a new freebie! So, 2 freebies for you LOL!! I also just finished a kit called spring! I need to find some pictures so I can use it myself. This kit will be in the ES store, DF store and in the doitdigi store soon.

Thanks for being so patient.

The second freebie is a kit I got bored making. I don't even have proper file names on them. They're named things like kk, qq, mm hahaha! It's bright and has lots of flowers and gems. I'm sure you'll find something to do with it. The papers are simple because I was never able to finish, but there's almost 30.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

I'm bad

I know! I'm so sorry that I've been teasing you ladies. I should have all the stuff together tonight for that big frog freebie. I'll come post all the details and you ladies can grab it! K?? LMAO sorry I didn't get it done when I was supposed to.

Took some pictures of a friends baby today! I decided to test the light after she left and saw it was much brigher around 4 pm. I took a couple pics of the kids. They were eating their afternoon snack. Savannah had strawberries and an orange, and Charlie had an apple. No pics of marcus today, he's filthy! LOL

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I'm still up!

I'm still up and haven't gotten anything done! I'm working on this spring mega kit. I get bored easily and end up trashing kits because of it. This thing already has 24 papers. That's just dots, stripes and solids. I haven't even started on the patterns. I'm getting bored LMAO!

Ok, so now that you know I have ADD...

Here's a preview of a few things in that huge kit that's going up tomorrow. Of course I'll be back around lunch time to tell you how to get it lol!

All the shapes were made by Rebecca. She's amazing with vectors! The preview with the beads belongs to me ( the round and oval beads were also made by rebecca haha), the one with the round frog tag belongs to Lauren and the 2 paper preview belongs to Rebecca. I'm so glad she let me help her make this kit so big. Her vectors were adorable and I loved playing with them. I hope everyone likes this freebie. I can't wait till it goes out and I start seeing layouts with it!

Like mother

like daughter! My favorite movie as a little girl was " Annie". I was passing through the channels and Savannah caught just enough to say " I want to watch that!" She's been sitting there for almost an hour now. She's so into it! I really didn't think her attention span was big enough for a movie like that. Boy was I wrong! It's quite cute actually. :) I think I'm going to put her in bed with me and watch the rest with her.

I was going to give you a sneak preview of a HUGE freebie that I did with my 2 friends. Lauren and Rebecca, their blogs are listed on the side of mine. It's adorable. It's inspired from the lilypad line that gymboree had yrs ago. It has like 50 papers I think. Most of them are patterned. I'll tell you more about that tomorrow.

Tomorrow should be fun... I am taking my friends, daughters pics. I have done her youngest 2 times. This time I'm shooting the 18 month old. I have one of those.... They're not always fun to take pictures of. Well, that is if you can even get a picture of them! We're doing a fri, sat and sun shoot. This little girl moves SO much. I'm really hoping I can get some good shots each time. Wish me luck haha!!


Links for quick page

Ok girls, here are 3 links! LOL

link 1

link 2

link 3


Remember I said I was going to make a quickpage for my fresh kit and offer it here? Well I made one today. It will be with the wording and one without. I also made a seperate png for the flower and stitching frame. I'm going to upload it to you send it 3 times haha. So, later I'll have 3 links for it.


I was reading some comments this morning. When someone leaves a comment I go and look at their blog. I like to comment back and read a little bit about them. Well this morning I was reading a comment from Peta and went over to her blog.
She has an entry about this blog list turning into a competetive type of thing. Now, I co own a fairly big women's board and I know how easy women get carried away. They start trying to be the best, the most popular, have the most votes and so on. I think it's just part of having a hoo hoo. We're born that way, but some of us have more self control over those urges! lol

I joined this blog list so I could give out some freebies, make some new friends and because "all my friends were doing it!" lmao. I have actually enjoyed clicking on the diff banners and seeing all these blogs. Some of them are so beautiful and I have been inspired, and felt teeny tiny looking at some of these amazing designers on here. Oh how I wish I could be THAT talented!

So, listen to her. Go click on some blogs, read them and then give them a 5. I've done 3 so far, it's gonna take me a while to get through all of them haha!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

here you go!

I'm going to put the freebie

on ES. It's going to take about 15 minutes to upload and then I'll have a link for you. WOW! I didn't know that many people would want it. I'm so glad you girls are getting this kit. I really hope you enjoy it.

I think I'm going to be giving you girls lots of stuff from now on!!

ok, here it is

The second link for the freebie. Download here

Second link coming soon!

I am currently getting my zip back on you send it. I guess it exceeded it's bandwith. Maybe I'll do 2 links this time!

Here's the link

The freebie

So I was lacking my creative juices today. I'm sorry :( This is what I came up with. Lame, I know. I'll do better next time, promise! I'm uploading to yousendit right now. I'll leave you with the preview. Not sure if I will have the dl link up within the hour or tomorrow. We'll see.

I used atomic cupcake's gel action on my elements.

TOO tired to type anything today. I'll be more myself tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Why do I feel like I'm stuffed in my body and I can't get out? ( no you're not getting pictures!) I would love to lose a good 15 lbs. That would be great! I would really, really, really love to lose 40 HA. Everyone says I would be too skinny, but they haven't seen me naked! Right now I really need to focus on starting an excersize routine. Yes, one more thing to add to my busy life. I already feel some of my "comfort activities" fading. I've quit smoking (which I REALLY needed to do because of my blood clotting disorder) and I'm starting to spend less time on the phone. I LOVE the phone. I can't spend time on message boards anymore and I miss ILP!! I lurk there still, but I can't post. It's a great place to learn some of the great things about photography. Some of those people are really amazing. You see SO much in their photos. Every minute I'm on this computer I am doing some sort of scrapbooking thing. I LOVE it, I'm just not used to "working" on the computer. I have all these ideas and no time! LOL

I'm trying to figure out what would be a great time to do some weight's and "stuff". Then I would love to fit a walk in everyday. We live in this beautiful community with walking trails. Do I use them, no? Do I pay a butt load of money every quarter for my hoa fees that paid for them, yeah! We have a bunch of parks. We even have cute little toddler parks. Now I do have a HUGE wooden swingset in my backyard that they play on, BUT they would love to see the park everyday. Don't get me wrong, they go, just not as much as I would like them to.
Since summer is already here in sunny Az, and the sun is out till 7 now, I should just walk in the evenings. I'll let you know how that goes ;)

If anyone would like to take a chin and a butt cheek let me know!

I'll be working on a freebie for my blog later today. Then I need to work on the kit I'm giving away to the people who complete my challenge on ES. Here's the link. No special people either *ahem* you DON'T get it unless you finish the challenge.

Ok, lets set a goal! I'm going to make a freebie for the blog, a kit for my challenge and 3 new kits by next tuesday.

Sunday, March 12, 2006